The Arrogance Of Man

Job 40:2

“Shall a faultfinder contend with the Almighty?

He who argues with God, let him answer it.”

Job and his friends are trying to find the answer to why Job, a very righteous man, has suffered horrific losses.  He lost all his wealth and possessions, his family has been killed, except his wife, and his body is covered in boils and sores.

Jobs friends are convinced it must be retribution from God for a great sin or sins.  Job is steadfast in his declaration of innocence and righteousness, and he is correct.  Job is convinced it is some horrible trick being played on him by God.  Throughout the Book of Job the men are professing to know why God has done this to Job.

Job’s friends proclaiming their knowledge of God demonstrates the arrogance of man.

Job has been nothing but righteous in his life and is correct in stating that the tragedies that have befallen him are not a punishment from God.  Job does begin to wallow in his own self-pity, which is very understandable.  I know I’d be singing the old oh woe is me song if that stuff happened to me.  Job never curses God, which is what Satan was hoping when he started the whole story.  But Job does argue with God.

Finally after all of Jobs friends spend the entire night trying to convince him that they are right and Job provides all the counterpoints to their arguments, God steps in.  God puts an end to all this arrogance and self-indulgence of man.

In chapters 38 and 39 God sets Job straight on the omnipotence of God, God’s works, and the power of the universe.  God gives Job example after example of these great works that happen every day.

Finally God says to Job, if you and all your friends know so much then tell me where I am wrong.  Show me what I did wrong and enlighten me to the errors of my ways.

At this point Job realizes how the arrogance of man has caused him and his friends to speak as experts about things they really don’t understand.  Job does the smart thing.  He shuts up and listens.

Through the ages man has gained great amounts of knowledge.  We understand how lots of things work and through our arrogance we envision this knowledge to be as vast and great as the oceans.  But in reality it is just a drop.  We come up with hypothesis and theories and pass them off as the truth because we are just so damn smart.  We are so damn smart we certainly don’t need God in the equation.

We take God and our existence down to an equation born out of our minds, and thereafter pronounce it as the truth.  We discover what happens and how it happens but really don’t know at the core, why it happens.

Job and his buddies were so busy wallowing in their own arrogance and pity, that when they were talking about God, they forgot about God.

Here is another lesson I have learned about the Book of Job.  It deals with the arrogance of man.

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