Expectations of False Gods

Isaiah 51:7-8

On a high and lofty mountain
    you have set your bed,
    and there you went up to offer sacrifice.
Behind the door and the doorpost
    you have set up your memorial;
for, deserting me, you have uncovered your bed,
    you have gone up to it,
    you have made it wide;
and you have made a covenant for yourself with them,
    you have loved their bed,
    you have looked on nakedness.

Isaiah starts Chapter 51 of his book with this verse:

Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness, you who seek the Lord….

Isaiah prophesied about the pending destruction of Judah and the Jews being carried off into captivity by the king of Babylon.  Those captured and enslaved will be the lucky ones, the others are set to be destroyed by pestilence, famine and the sword.

The pending destruction of this once great nation was due to their unrighteousness and turning away from God.  The nation had chosen not to seek righteousness, but instead turned to worshiping false gods.  They elected to follow and worship that which fits the agenda of not having to deal with the consequences of their actions.

Their false gods meet man’s expectation.  False gods who have no words, except those put in their mouth by man.  Words that fit the expectations of their maker.

But within this nation of unrighteous, lazy people were still those who sought righteousness and God.

Those will still walked in the way of God were persecuted for their beliefs.  They became the outcasts of a society filled with covetousness.  The nation coveted worldly objects and did not want to listen to the truth.  They did not want to hear about toil, work and discipline.  Why should they? They have setup their own gods who tell them what they want to hear, what is convenient and meets their expectations.  The nation feeds each other lies about man’s desires which keeps them enslaved to the world.

This is how it was in the ancient times of the Old Testament.  This is how it is now and how it will always be.

The man-made false gods may change in form and fit, but their function will always be the same.  Their function is to meet the expectation of man, the covetousness of man, and the worldly desires of man.  As in the times of Isaiah so today those who eschew these false gods are persecuted for doing so.

God says through Isaiah:

…fear not the reproach of man, nor be dismayed at their revilings…

Those who reproach and revile you have no substance, they will be gone as will their false gods.  They have no power over anyone except those who grant them the power.  They will be eaten by worms, they will die.

What lives forever, what does not change form or substance, what is constant, is righteousness.  And God says:

….but my righteousness will live forever….

Righteousness is always the same.  It doesn’t change with the times.  There are ten laws that guide us to righteousness.  That is the simple part.  Following them is the hard part.  It is a lifelong endeavor, and each day we fall short.   Every day we must work to maintain room in our hearts for God.  Every day the false gods and those who create them seek to push God out.

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