The Bible Antiquated?

People will tell you that the Bible is antiquated.

What does antiquated mean?

“Very old and no longer useful, popular or accepted: very old fashion, obsolete”

Or how about this definition:

“Outmoded or discredited by reason of age; being out of style of fashion”

Many people do consider the Bible to be very old, no longer popular or accepted.  Many consider it to be out of style and out of fashion.

But to say it is no longer useful or to discredit it by reason of age is foolish.

The Bible is not antiquated.

The times when the Bible was written are antiquated but not what is written in the Bible.

Many attempt to discredit the Bible.  Their main argument is look at all of the cruelty and primitive behavior that is documented throughout the Bible, such as slavery and slaughter.

They tout this as a flaw and say how can you believe in a God and a book that condones such inhumane behavior.  Since it has such flaws it must be a bunch of comic book mythology.

The Bible was written by men, men of times when civilization was different (sometimes not so different from today).

It was written by men trying to interpret the word or God and trying to document the world in which they lived and what was going on around them.  Their writing reflects the times they lived in.

Some would say well then why didn’t God just swoop down and tell everyone stop that because it’s bad.  If you want to look at this like a five year old I can understand why you would think that.

I don’t believe God presented itself to these prophets like a dead and departed Obi Wan to Luke.

I’m not sure how God was presented to the prophets of the Bible.  I think God presents itself to everyone differently but most of the time we are too blinded by ourselves to see it.

Throughout the Bible God was made know to kings and beggars, saints and sinners and those who were attentive enough became prophets and recorded what they learned.

Through this process a lifetime of wisdom, knowledge and insight has been passed on to generations for thousands of years.

Even though the times have changed and the social mores have changed the credentials and usefulness of the Bible has not diminished.

The times of the Bible are antiquated but not what is written in the Bible.

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