Express Yourself

Jeremiah 31:4

Again I will build you, and you shall be built,
    O virgin Israel!
Again you shall adorn yourself with tambourines
    and shall go forth in the dance of the merrymakers.

Jeremiah 31:12-13

They shall come and sing aloud on the height of Zion,
    and they shall be radiant over the goodness of the Lord,
over the grain, the wine, and the oil,
    and over the young of the flock and the herd;
their life shall be like a watered garden,
    and they shall languish no more.
 Then shall the young women rejoice in the dance,
    and the young men and the old shall be merry.
I will turn their mourning into joy;
    I will comfort them, and give them gladness for sorrow.

This post isn’t very long.  All I want to do is site some more examples of how making and listening to music is referenced in the Bible for expressing emotions, mainly joy and celebration.

In verse four Jeremiah writes how God is telling the Israelites that they shall be restored and they will celebrate with music and dance.  In verses twelve and thirteen Jeremiah writes about how the Israelites will express their joy and happiness when the Lord returns them to their homes.  They will sing aloud and rejoice in dance.

I’m not sure why I like to point out just how much music and dance are referenced in the Bible.  I like to talk about how music from the heart is never maligned or considered evil in the Bible.  Maybe this desire comes from my early years as a musician and having that profession being looked down upon and being asked, “When are you going to get a real job?”  I guess I just feel a need to justify my love of music.

Music is a gift to help us express our life, and like the teachings in Bible, to help us deal with our life.  It can be music to express great joy as in these three verses, or it can be music to help us express our grief, as the songs of Lamentations.

Music is a gift from God.  Making music from your heart is noble and good.

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