Dreams Belong To God

This is a quick follow up to my previous posts about the “carnival hucksters” who peddle their false prophecies, their so called super natural abilities to see and speak to the departed, to see the future and relive the past, etc., etc..

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As you can see from the links above I have written a number of posts on this subject and I just want to pass along on more piece from the Bible.

Genesis 40:8

They said to him “we had dreams and there in no one to interpret them.” And Joseph said to them “Do not the interpretations belong to God? Please tell them to me.”

“Do not the interpretations belong to God?”

Joseph knew his gift was granted to him by God and therefore he knew to use it wisely.  He knew to not pimp himself out to the entire Egyptian nation if the price was right.

If you have read the book of Genesis you would know that Joseph’s jealous brothers couldn’t bring themselves to kill him so they sold him to merchants.  Joseph ended up being a slave in Egypt.

At this point in Genesis, Joseph is in prison.

Joseph was a handsome man and caught the eye of his master’s wife.   She made advances.   Joseph being righteous and also knowing the consequences if he followed through on those advances refused her.  The master’s wife gets upset, makes up a story and the next thing you know Joseph is in prison.

Now the “them” in this verse are Pharaoh’s cupbearer and baker who did something to piss off Pharaoh.  This got their butts thrown in the can with Joseph.  Joseph, as always had found favor with those over him, so the guards put him in charge of overseeing these two guys.

The cupbearer and baker had some disturbing dreams, were upset and started confining this to Joseph after Joseph asked why the long face.

Joseph interprets the dreams.  He doesn’t ask for anything except that they remember him.  He asks that they remember his plight of being unjustly imprisoned, and tell his story to Pharaoh when they get out.

But right up front Joseph tells these men that he is not the one interpreting these dreams, but it is God who has given him the interpretations and therefore says, “Do not interpretations belong to God?”

FYI: The cupbearer’s dream told of how he would get back in Pharaoh’s good grace.  The baker, well he wasn’t so lucky.  And of course once the cupbearer got out of prison and everything was cool again he totally forgot about his promise to plead Joseph’s case to Pharaoh.

Just another way that human nature will never change.

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