He Who Seeks Glory

John 7:18

Whoever speaks on their own does so to gain personal glory, but he who seeks the glory of the one who sent him is a man of truth; there is nothing false about him.

I read this verse and wrote it down with the note, “modern day evangelists”.  That is what came to mind as I read it.

I certainly don’t begrudge or find fault with those who want to preach the words and lessons of the Bible.  I find no fault with anyone who shares their knowledge, ideas or passion for these words.  But as I surf the channels on a Sunday morning or just about any day or time, and look at the extravagant facilities that are called churches, sanctuaries or places of worship, I am reminded of this verse.

Some will argue that these mega churches, multi-million dollar facilities, are for the glory of God.  But I have to call bull shit on that.  Does God need a state of the art, high end theater?  If you think so, well then please explain.

This verse says, “he who seeks”, not he who spends the most.  It also says, “he”.  To me that means the one, the individual who seeks.  The individual who clears their heart of worldly things and looks for and seeks God and the glory of God in their own heart.   This is a very private and personal thing.

When worldly things are used as an excuse to glorify God, they are really being used to glorify those who build and acquire this wealth.  So what about King Solomon who built the Temple of God?  Well, what happened to Solomon and that temple?  It did not endure forever.  In the scheme of time and the universe, its longevity wasn’t even a blip.  And what did all the wealth and glorious things that Solomon built and accumulated do for him?  It filled his heart with the world and eventually destroyed him.

Some might say, these modern day evangelists, well they need all this technology to reach millions.  In reality, you need to reach them one at a time.  For the individual is where the glory of God is found.  In each individual, in each heart.

Currently I am reading the letters of Paul.

This man spent most of his time in Roman prisons avoiding execution and beatings, and yet he managed to help spread the word of God and Christ around the Mediterranean region, which at that time was the whole world from their perspective.

How many of the mega corporate church evangelist would be willing, and I mean truly willing, to spend their time in shackles and prisons, relying on others for their well-being?  How many would do this solely to seek the glory of God?

I think we’d get back our Sunday morning cartoons.

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