We’ve Lost Our Simplicity

If you read some of my posts you may know that every morning I read a few chapters of my Bible and I have been doing this for a number of years.  I’ve read it cover to cover a number of times.  Sometimes I read it in order from page 1 to the end and sometimes I skip around from book to book.

The other day while reading my Bible I got to thinking about how big of a role God played in people’s lives when these books were written and then as the years go by (thousands of them) God has a smaller and smaller role.

I think about the book of Psalms.   The whole book is King David talking to God either through poetry or songs.

Through all the writings in the Bible there is a closeness with God.  But if someone today were to write a book for the Bible I feel this closeness , this relationship, this presence just wouldn’t be there.   I am talking about an honest, spiritual person writing this book not some fanatic.

Some might say to me, well this is a book that is the basis for two major religions of man so of course it would be all about God.  That’s not what I am talking about.

What I am talking about is how everything in the lives of these tribes and people revolved around God.  Even if it wasn’t the God of Israel, the nations that the Israelites overthrew and who overthrew the Israelites had their share of gods.

Religion was a large part of all civilizations in those days.

So what happened?

I look at the changes from when I was a kid until now and I see major changes.

When I was young if you were low on gas, groceries or anything you’d better get it on Saturday or you’ll be waiting until Monday.

Everything and I mean everything was closed on Sunday.

Now nothing closes on Sunday, and lots of businesses never close.

In my youth I remember Sunday as truly a day of rest.

You didn’t clean, do the wash, cut the grass or rake the leaves.

It was a family day.

It was church in the morning, lunch at my grandma’s and maybe a trip to some pleasant place or maybe just playing around the house.  Sometimes the trip was just a drive around the county to look at the country side or to be nosy about what’s going on down the road.  Why not, gas was around twenty five cents a gallon.

The point is no matter what you believed or didn’t believe you took a breath.   You had too there was nothing else to do.

You had a chance to reflect on your life, your spirituality or maybe just regain your sanity.

I know that Sunday is the Christian day of rest but the point is no matter what your religion or lack of religion, it was a day to rest, rejuvenate, reflect, and relieve yourself of stress and tension.

The Sunday church tradition ended with me.

I didn’t continue it with my children and I do regret that to some extent.  But as they start to mature I see them start to come to terms with their spirituality.  True spirituality, not just what is a cool religion that their friends or some pop star is following.

How did we get so far away from our relationship with God?

Some would say we have science and are much smarter today then the people of Biblical times.  Some would say we are enlightened to know that all this talk of God is just mythology.

Oh we might have more technical expertise and more data than they did but you are a fool if you think we are any smarter.

Read the book of Proverbs and in it the wisdom of King Solomon, whether you do or don’t believe in God I challenge you to find any leader anywhere in the world who can compare to his wisdom of the world.

No we are not smarter.  We may know more but we are not smarter.

What’s changed, what’s happened?

We’ve lost our simplicity.

We have crammed the world so full of facts and figures that this has become our religion.

I’m not calling for us to all live in the failed hippy communes of the sixties.

Just find your day of rest.

Just stop and take a breath at least once a week.  Count your blessings, look at them and simplify your mind to what’s important.

© Otis P Smith and About the Groove, 2015. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Otis P Smith and About the Groove with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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