How Can A Gift From God Be Evil?

Lamentations 5:14-15

The old men have left the city

The young men their music,

The joy of our hearts had ceased

Our dancing had been turned into mourning.


The book of Lamentations was written by the prophet Jeremiah, at least most subscribe to that idea.

Jeremiah told the Jews the words of God, prophesying their down fall and destruction.

Now here he is lamenting the destruction of their cities, wealth and once again being hauled off into captivity and oppression.

What I like about these verses is that Jeremiah is lamenting the loss of music and dance.  Why do I like that?

Because many people through the years and to this very day declare some forms of music, especially modern music, as evil, the work of the devil.  Generally the music declared to be evil is music that doesn’t suit the declarer’s taste.

I have tried to find a verse in the entire Bible that says music is evil (in any way shape or form) and I can’t find one.

I have found lots of very, very, very subjective points of view on this subject.  Points of view that are so stretched and twisted to fit what the author is trying to say that I would say I can find more verses condemning what it is they are trying to do then they can trying to condemn “secular” music.

Quick point here, I hate the word “secular”.  It denotes an us and them type mentality.

For people who claim they want to unite us all it’s a pretty decisive way to go about it.  We are all God’s creatures, God loves us all, you know except for that “secular” stuff going on.

Back to my original point.

When I look at every verse that uses the actual word “music” in the Bible I cannot find one verse that talks about music of any kind being evil.

Look at the one I just sited to start this post.

The Jews have lost it all, all their glory, wealth, freedom and what does the prophet Jeremiah lament, the loss of music and dance.

Music is a gift from God.  It always has been and always will be.

It’s not a gift when it’s what you like or fits into your narrow scope of taste and it’s not an abomination when it doesn’t fit your point of view.

My way to praise and glorify God might not be your way but don’t you tell me it’s the wrong way just because it doesn’t fit your narrow mindset.  Do not speak to me with your double heart.

How you sing to the Lord and how I sing to the Lord maybe two different things.  What truly matters is we sing to the Lord, not your subjective interpretation of scripture to fit your point of view.

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