The Music Master General

1 Chronicles 23 through 27 is all about how King David organizes all the various departments for the governing of Israel.

King David organizes:

  • The Levites
  • The Priests
  • The Gate Keepers
  • The Treasurers
  • The Military
  • The Tribal Leaders
  • Other Officials

Who else does King David makes sure is organized?

In chapter 25, David organizes the musicians.

King David understood the importance of music for the people’s spiritual well-being.  He understood it’s importance to the point of making sure that they were properly organized within his government.

What if today we placed such importance on music, so much so that the government would establish a Department of Music, the DOM.  Then they would add a position to the president’s cabinet, The Music Master General.

But then what a farce it would be.  Politics would corrupt the art form, like it does everything else, and all the music would be praise to the government, created by, controlled by and censured by the government.  Even if by some miracle the politicians kept their dirty noses out of it, you’d still have politics within the department, as well as funding corruption, and on and on.

So yes, it’s really a bad idea in this day and age to take the purity of art and turn it over to the cesspool of government, no matter who’s in charge.

David organized the musicians for the purpose of praising God.  Music set the spiritual mood which freed the prophets to prophesy the word of God.  As God resides in each of our hearts, then music from our hearts, truly from our hearts is praise to God, no matter what the content.

Each of us is our own department of music, and each of us is our own Music Master General.  Each of us is in charge of creating the best and most honest music possible.  For it is not a question of good or bad music, but only honest and dishonest.  That is the true measure.

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