How The Wicked Prosper

Psalm 10:1

Why, Lord, do you stand far off?

Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?

I read this verse and it reminded me of the book that precedes Psalm.  I have written a number of posts about this book and that is the Book of Job.

In this Psalm, David has the same complaints as Job.  David is wondering where the Lord is in his times of trouble.  David is asking some of the same questions that Job had asked centuries before.  And David is asking the same questions we all ask when something terrible happens in our lives.  We ask, “How God could let this happen?”

David wonders how the wicked can say there is no God and yet continue to prosper in their ways.

At times you will hear the media ask a religious leaders a question like this about tragedies that happen today.  Some of these religious figure heads will give an answer suggesting that we have taken God out of our government, our schools and our lives, so what do we expect.

I have no quarrel with that answer except this question has been asked for thousands of years.  It was asked by Job and it was asked by David.  God was in the life of both of them.  So I think the answers given today are somewhat agenda driven.  What drives these man-made tragedies is the removal of God from our hearts.  And this has been going one since the beginning of man.

You may then ask, what about natural disasters like earth quakes, fires, hurricanes, floods, etc.?

First off, you are operating under the premise that God gets up every morning and says, well today I think I’ll cause an earthquake in China because I really don’t like those people.  And maybe I’ll flood an area somewhere in South America because they forgot to ask me not to flood them.  Then next Tuesday I’ll schedule a lightning strike in the forests of California and start a massive wild fire because, well you know it’s California.

That is the arrogance of man assuming that God is the floating, bearded, old long haired wizard type in the sky.  You are giving him a form you understand and thus assuming because he looks like man then God must think like man.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not sure what God is or even how to explain God, but God is not a man, a human being like super hero.  These disasters happen because it is the nature of the world and universe we live in.  They are due to forces beyond our control and comprehension.  The effects of these forces may seem to be random but they serve a purpose.  They are not to be controlled for the benefit of man.  Again that would be man’s arrogance thinking this is how God is using these forces,  that they are to punish.

Having God in our hearts gives us the ability and the guidance to deal with these events.  It lets us survive.  Some don’t survive and I don’t pretend to know why that is.

Scientists can tell you how these natural disasters happen and they would like to think they can tell you when they will happen, but most of the time that’s just a crap shoot.  Scientist would also like you to believe they know why they happen, and maybe from a technical standpoint they do.  But they truly don’t know why it happens and neither do any of us.

I will wrap this post up by saying this.

God doesn’t allow things to happen or not to happen.  Events are set into motion by forces God has put into place and we must deal with them.

Natural tragedies require God in our hearts to deal with them.  Man-made tragedies require God in our hearts to prevent them.

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