Serve The Creator

Romans 1:25

because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen.

I wrote a piece about Romans 1:22 -23 (Socrates and a Chicken).  In that piece, I wrote about the arrogance of man.  It stated how we get so caught up in our creations that we fail to acknowledge our Creator.  Here in verse 25 Paul speaks of that sentiment.

….worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator….

We’ve out grown carving wooden animals, layering them with gold, and presenting it with sacrifices with the expectation of divine intervention.  Or have we?

All that is, is just man creating an object and then placing value and power upon it.  We still do that.  We worship what we create.  We spend our time and energy, and sacrifice our moral being just to have these man made gods.  We create and build status symbols, creature comforts, material objects that attract our lust and covetousness.  We pursue them with a devotion that we don’t even show each other much less our Creator.

We see a car, a beautiful, high-powered, luxurious car and we want it.  If we’re lucky enough to get it, we cherish it, we worship it.  We love the creation, the creature, and give it room in our hearts.

But what about the worker who created this creature?  There were literally thousands fellow human beings involved in the creation of this false god.  In all our bliss, we never think about the people who were part of its creation. We are blinded by the desire to covet such a worldly god as this fine automobile.  We exchange the truth for a lie and serve the creation and never give any thought to the creators.

This we do with God.  There is but one God who has created an infinite universe, filled with an infinite number of creations and yet we do not make room for the one Creator.

We exchange the truth for a lie, a lie that makes man the most important, a lie that feeds the voracious appetite of our vanity, a lie that tells us it’s okay to covet.  It’s a lie that tells us covetousness if a good thing and it needs to be served.  It’s a lie that feeds the worldly desires and covetousness of those who feed it to us.

Serve the Creator as everything is a creation of the Creator.

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