Part Of The Pack

John 5:44

How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another and do not seek the glory that comes from the only God?

When I was younger I use to seek the approval of others as validation of my skills and talents.  I used this approval as validation of myself and what I was doing.

We all want to be liked by others.

We are social creatures and need to be part of the pack, the herd, the pride.

Our social order is based on the approval and validation of others.  Those most accepted, those obtaining the glory from others are the ones who move up the chain.

This thought process manifested itself in my playing.

When I was younger I played very technical and complicated to impress others. I played to impress others and although I developed technical chops, they weren’t necessarily musical chops because they weren’t honest chops.

When I came back to music the only thing I was seeking was to play what was right, what felt right, what sounded right.  I was looking to play honest, to play as if only I was listening, because I know what’s right, what feels right, what’s honest.  That is all that matters.

I’m not saying everything I play is right, but I’m always striving to make it right.

And to me that is how I should live my life, striving to be honest and do what is right, because I know what is right.

I cannot live to seek the approval of others, to seek their compliments and agreement.

I must live my life as I know it and as I believe intended by God.

Make every decision and change based on seeking the glory of God and spend each day trying to learn and understand the glory of God.

Your relationships with others is important but to get your relationship right with others you need to have your relationship with God.

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