When Our Drink Is Gone

Hosea 4:18

When their drink is gone they give themselves to whoring, their rulers dearly love shame.

I knew what this meant to me when I first read it and wrote down the verse.  But I thought I would read what scholarly people think of it and compare my thoughts with theirs.

The scholars and theologians say this verse deals with the tribe of Ephraim, one of the twelve tribes of Israel, that has become a bunch of drunks, alcoholics, the people along with their leaders.

That may be true for the times this book was written but here is my modern day assessment of this verse.

Society today loves its “feel good”.

“Feel good” could be some sort of intoxication but it could also be the “feel good” of having your warm comfortable house, your nice big screen TV, your instant meals and just your overall instant gratification.  Whatever the “drink” is that makes you feel good.

You use to have to work for comfort things.  You used to have to work for years to get them.  You worked hard and you saved for that car you wanted.  It may be a junker but it was your junker and you earned by the sweat of your brow.

But today you walk in, get instant credit for a car you haven’t earned, a car you can’t afford, a car with all the bells and whistles, a car that really isn’t yours, at least not for the next four, five or maybe six years.

Today we feel that it’s a God given right to have internet access, cable or satellite TV, smart phones,  paid healthcare and generally to be taken care of by someone else.  We feel that our “feel good” is a right to be bestowed upon us just because, well just because.

So when the “drink” that makes us “feel good” is gone we go a whoring after whoever will pander to what we want.  We chase after whoever promises to give us our “feel good” with the least amount of work involved, whoever will make someone else pay for it.

And our leaders dearly love our shame, or I should say lack of shame.

We want to be a Kardashian, lying on our backs, spreading our legs and do nothing to get the “drink” that makes us “feel good”.

Why do our leader dearly love our shame?

Because we will turn it all over to them just as long as they continue to promise to make us “feel good”.  We will sell ourselves.  We will sell the most precious and vital part of ourselves, our freedom, to “feel good”.

When our drink is gone, we whore ourselves to our leaders, who just love it.

Just another example of Biblical prophesy for the 21st century.

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