Mad Over Idols

Jeremiah 50:38

A drought against her waters,
    that they may be dried up!
For it is a land of images,
    and they are mad over idols.

If you read the verses before and after this one (35 through 40), you’ll realize that Jeremiah is prophesying about the fall of Babylon because of their oppression of Israel.  But that’s not why I wrote down this verse.  I wrote it down because of the second half of the verse and how it is still relevant today.

For it is a land of images,
    and they are mad over idols.

Today’s modern world is a land of images.  We live for images.  The vanity of man drives entire industries, from entertainment, to advertising, to the retail of every conceivable consumer good.  It’s all bought and sold based on images.  All of the goods and products rely on and love their images.  The images drive the manufacturer. They drive those who manufacture for the manufacture and all the way down to those who gather the raw materials to start the process.  It’s all driven by images, slick presentations of elegant lies.

So how does all this, this huge output of products manage to exist and grow on images?

“…and they are mad over idols.”

Our vanity allows us to fill our hearts with worldly objects and desires.  These images promise us instant joy, happiness, popularity and success.  We want to become as the idols we worship.

We listen to and believe the words that we hear from these idols, because we believe the image.  We see the images and are told of their success and so we assume they must be telling us words of truth.  The images are presented to us as beauty and power, and we say they must speak the truth for they are so pleasing to look upon.

We base how we feel and how we think on what we are told by these images, our idols.  And we are mad over our idols, with only our vanity to guide us.  Will this take us down the road to Babylon?

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