In music there is a groove, and in life as in music, there is also a groove.


Young Otis

Sometimes you’re in the groove and sometimes you’re out.

When you’re out you just want to get back in.

I was a musician (drummer) for  over 20 years of my life and then with a wife, kids and a mortgage I gave it up to become a successful sales manager for a hardware manufacturer/distributor.  I helped the company go from $3,000,000 in annual sales to over $43,000,000.

After a health scare and some real soul-searching I had enough of that life and decided to step down from my position and scale back my life and stress.  I decided it was time to return to the passion of my youth, music. (You can read the details in the “My Journey” page.)


Old Otis

I consider myself a very good drummer and musician but I’m certainly no master or guru. I’m learning more the second time around.  Experience has opened my mind.

This site isn’t intended to teach you my ways or sell anyone lessons.  It’s not an instructional site.

It’s about drums, music and life.  I have over 50 years of life experience and would like to share it.

This site is for me to share my thoughts and experiences.  It’s for me to have an honest conversation with you and myself.  Hopefully you can find some common ground, some affirmation and be entertained.

The process of writing is extremely cathartic, so even if no one really follows me, I’m at least releasing words and thoughts that need to come out.

It helps me to stay in the groove.

If it helps you please let me know.

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