Reality 3.0

Two days before Thanksgiving of that same month my 25 year old daughter had what was to be routine surgery to remove some cysts from her ovaries.

The doctors found she had stage 2 ovarian cancer.

They found two tumors, one the size of a tennis ball.  She had to have a complete hysterectomy.

The doctors were confident that they had removed all the cancer, that is was LMP (Low Malignancy Potential) cancer and that it had not spread.  We wouldn’t know for sure until they got the test results which would take a couple of weeks.

My family was devastated.


My daughter and grandson, Thanksgiving Day 2011

I spent Thanksgiving with my daughter in the hospital and scared that I would be burying my little girl (she will always be my little girl) and my grandson who was 6 would be without his mother.

I could not play and could not think about much else so my drums sat again.

Finally the LMP was confirmed.

Fortunately she had one of the best doctors in the area.

Although it had appeared that they had removed all the cancer, the doctor had decided to err on the side of caution and had her go through chemotherapy.

Her mother and I supported her as much as possible taking her to and from her treatments.

I would leave work early to pick her up after a treatment, not only to help her out but because it was the only time I would get to see her and talk to her.

She did very well with the treatments.  She lost her hair but did not experience too many other side effects.

To this day she is cancer free and I pray every day she stays that way and that my only grandson will always have his mother.

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