Elmore Allen

Hear this tale of Elmore Allen

A bottle of poison he drank a gallon

Lie and wait for his life to end

Because he had no more to spend

Traveled the world, saw all to see

Every river and stream he took a pee

Stood on the poles, straddled the equator

Fought polar bears, wrestled alligators

Had women of standing and ill repute

His sexual prowess not in dispute

Drank wine in Bordeaux with virgin maids

Beer in Bavaria with a monk in a cave

Soared over trees using unpowered flight

Sailed the sea by the stars at night

Found the Dalai Lama on the Burma Road

Having donkeys, goats, and Sherpas in tow

Rode camels with Sheikhs in hot desert lands

Traveled the Amazon, a python in hand

Ran with bulls in a town in Spain

Bathed in mud with Swedes and Danes

Gazed upon Jesus high in Brazil

Never stopping to breath, always seeking a thrill

Through all his travels, where ever he roamed

He never found a place that he called home

Dined with masters, reasoned with life

Not knowing the joy of having a wife

Seeing the world from all over the earth

Never bore witness to a child of his birth

Now he is old and life is solitaire

Losing his mind along with his hair

Does he have regrets we’ll never know

For he chose death, now painful and slow

So hear this tale of Elmore Allen

A bottle of poison, he drank a gallon

Copyright © 2015 Aboutthegroove.com  All Rights Reserved

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