You can’t smell the honeysuckle with the windows closed

You can’t smell cut grass if the lawn is not mowed

You’ll never see the lightning bugs dance with the blinds pulled tight

You’ll never see the stars if you don’t look up at night

You can’t feel the water if you don’t get wet

You can’t win the purse without placing the bet

You can’t cross the ocean if you’re afraid of the seas

You won’t taste the honey without fighting the bees

You can’t ride a horse if the horse is dead

You won’t learn anything if you don’t open your head

You can’t smell the coffee if you don’t breath in

You don’t know what it’s like to lose if you don’t try to win

You can’t sing a song if you don’t let it out

You can’t be heard if all you do is shout

You’ll never know the feeling until you give it a try

You never give up until the day you die

You can’t hear the birds sing with the TV so loud

You won’t know your kids unless you hang out

You can’t get a tan if you’re not in the sun

You only have yourself to blame when it all comes undone

You can’t find love

If you don’t open your heart

Put away the anger

And the hatred for a start

Release the sins

Let them run away

There you will find

Your peace of the day

Copyright © 2015  All Rights Reserved

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