Humble Old Soldier

He was a young boy, just seventeen

His aim was straight, his rifle clean

Another boy from another small town

He served with the bastards, cut the foe down

The cold and snow is where he slept

Close to the enemy is where he crept

These was no room for error or mistake

It was his or their life to take

He lived with death every day

He came home, they went away

Humble old soldier alone and broke

Sacrificed  youth, words never spoke

You faced the fears and came through the war

But life without love you could not endure

The war never left, hair high and tight

Rebel on a Harley, a gun in sight

The future it came and went each day

He never planned for a much longer stay

He gave away what he didn’t need

A warrior living with death’s certainty

Guardian of his sacred troop

With holstered statement on his front stoop

Unlike the war his family they left

Without a cent he laid his wife to rest

Then death came to call him home

This humble old soldier died alone

Humble old soldier broke and alone

You owned your life but never your home

You gave it all to country and love

Then sent your soul to battles above

Broken old soldier humble and alone

Fought far away for freedom at home

May God hold your weapon while you hold your wife

In that final victory of eternal life

Copyright © 2015  All Rights Reserved

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