My Truth

All the bricks I left behind

Under roofs I no longer dine

In all the beds I use to sleep

On the floors I did not sweep

Up the stairs I would climb

Upon the face I tell the time

Cars and trucks that I would drive

In ponds and pools I took a dive

On my trips upon a boat

In all the stories I never wrote

There is a never ending truth

The love I found in my youth

Flowers that will live and die

Kisses missed and empty sighs

For every sunrise in the morn

Each calming hand upon the storm

Through sorrowed tales of death and strife

Impassioned praise of new found life

Treasures lost and keepsakes gained

Down dirt roads in streams of rain

All these travels I have sought

The heart of knowledge I have fought

After all there is this truth

You are the love from my youth

Gardens to tend, soil to turn

Long cold nights of logs to burn

Meals partake a family grown

Children head out on their own

All these days yet to come

Places to go to and from

Glorious sights left to see

Unknown tales of stories be

Of thoughts and wishes and faded dreams

Suns to set on rustic scenes

Through the years long live the truth

Forever my love from my youth

Copyright © 2015  All Rights Reserved

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