Sing Me A Song

Sing me a morning song
To warm my heart
A hole in my chest
Keeps it in the dark
Arise I say
Go into the day
Whisper not of lost desires
Or thoughts kept apart

Sing me a noon time song
To ease my mind
A torrent of melodies
Cascading with rhyme
Sacrifice to give
Hope a place to live
Stories untold will unfold
In their given time

Sing me an evening song
One to dry my spirit
Of hearth and warmth
Draw my essence near it
Its shadows of light
Draw me into the night
Reflections of love renew my hope
In self and wit

Sing me a midnight song
Sweet as a mother’s lullaby
Lull my soul to take its rest
Upon me soft, I close my eyes
Knowing when
This sleep will end
Calms the fear of the day
Knowing I will die

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