The Ballad of a Fornicator

Across the breadth the water span

I jumped halfway and then I swam

In the river that had no tide

I did not make it to the other side

The black veiled ladies became forlorn

Only to engage the old gentleman’s scorn

But I alone, I did not care

I danced with the eels’ in their private lair

Do not weep and moan for a soul lost

The devil cares not for the grave in moss

For I was fleeing the jealous beast of rage

Failing to listen to the white beard sage

Trapped on the course of lust in time

Seduced by the melody of erotic rhyme

Walking to hell not needing a hand

Stealing the pleasures of another man

Now you can see the just desserts

Of a man that only be chasing skirts

Copyright © 2015  All Rights Reserved

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