Thanks Walt Disney

Thanks Walt Disney

Last summer I spent two evenings watching “American Experience” on PBS.  The episode was a two part show about Walt Disney.

The first night it aired I got sucked in from the beginning.

Walt Disney was a part of my life as a child.  I remember Sunday nights making sure I was in front of the TV to watch “The Wonderful World of Disney”.The_Wonderful_World_of_Disney_1969

Every week I would hope the show would be an animated piece like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck or any of the Disney cartoon characters that I loved.  I loved the colors, the voices, the gags.  Through the early years when all we had was a black and white TV I still loved the Disney cartoons. Continue reading

It’s About The Groove (Don’t Be So Serious)

It’s About The Groove (Don’t Be So Serious)

In a post I worte the purpose of art is to fill the void where worry waits to live.  At least that’s how it is for me.

Listening, creating or just thinking about music or whatever art form pleases you can take away your cares and stop them from moving in.

I think about these statements when I play my drums, or write songs, or write poems or even when I am writing these posts.

I think about how I get lost in the moment, how I never want the feeling I get from doing these creative things to end. Continue reading

Lost Its Art

Lost Its Art

One weekend last fall my sister and her husband came in from out of town.  They have a second home which is a log cabin located in the woods close to my house.

My family took this opportunity to get together and have an early Thanksgiving dinner and since it was on a Sunday that we gathered together the NFL games were on the TV.

I stopped watching the NFL and most other sports except for the NHL, which is the only sport I really follow anymore.  Baseball is starting to make a bit of a comeback for me.

Watching these NFL games, along with the pregame, in game and post game commentators reminded me why I stopped watching the sport. Continue reading

The Purpose of Art (How to Avoid Worryville)

The Purpose of Art (How to Avoid Worryville)

Some nights when I lay in bed my mind can start to run away with me.  If I’m not careful it will take me straight to Worryville.

I start thinking about what needs to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and before you know it I’m concocting every possible scenario of what could go wrong. This makes sleep and just relaxing almost impossible.

What I have learned to do to combat these worries is to think about things I enjoy doing and solve those problems in my head while I am lying there waiting for sleep. Continue reading

Honesty In Your Art

I recently wrote about the office BS’er and honesty.

We all know what honesty is and about being honest, telling the truth and doing the right thing. But over the past year I have come to a better understanding about honesty in your music, your art, etc.

Having been away from the music business for so long and having put away any innate creativity the desire to create became pent up inside me.

Here I was in the hardware distribution business.  Your best bet at being creative was working up data and trying to display its meaning as simply as possible.  Sometimes you were lucky to get to work on short term and long term business plans.

You could get somewhat creative when writing internal memo.  But time constraints and the fact that clear and concise communications is extremely important left little room for poetic license. Continue reading