Why I Don’t Want To Be A Manager

Why I Don’t Want To Be A Manager

Why I don’t want to manage people.  That is what I decided to write about today.

I was a manager for 17 years and It’s been about three years since I elected to step down from my management position.  The upside of that decision has heavily outweighed the downside.  The only real downside was the cut in pay and not having an office (which I’ll discuss in a later post), but the reduction of stress, frustration, anxiety and anger far exceeds the monetary difference.

It’s been interesting working beside the same people I use to manage.  Some of them I managed for over 15 years.

The old manager in me still wants to come out and teach but I try to just sit back and keep my mouth shut.

I often think to myself that maybe I’d still be a manager if I had another me to count on. Continue reading