The Have and Have Nots – The Did and Did Nots

The Have and Have Nots – The Did and Did Nots

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend.  At the time they were lamenting about their current financial situation just as we were passing some rather expensive beachfront homes.  They made a comment and used the term “have and have nots”, presuming that one class is suppressing the other class.

I was a bit taken aback by this line of conversation as I have always considered this friend to be a wise and no nonsense kind of person.  I left the statement go as I know sometimes when we are just letting off steam and thinking out loud, we let things fly that we really didn’t mean.  I turned the conversation to something else.

Later that night when I was alone I thought about that statement,  the “have and have nots”.  It’s certainly been used for political gain by the so called “haves” to work up those who consider themselves the “have nots”.  But as I thought about it and how my friend had gotten themselves into their financial situation, I knew and I really think they honestly knew, it had nothing to do with someone else taking what was theirs.

Then I thought it’s not the “have and have nots”. It’s the “did and did nots”. Continue reading

The Weight Of Your Burdens

The Weight Of Your Burdens

The other day I had numerous burdens on my shoulders.

At one point I stopped my worried thought and said to myself “I have all these worries and not one of them is of my doing.”

Not one of them came about because of a decision I had made or course of action that I had chosen. Yet here were these burdens I was carrying on my shoulders.

Now I dealt with each one of them the best I could and in a few days they were lifted, but at any time they could and probably would revisit.

I asked myself “Why do people place these burdens on me?”

I thought that would be a good subject for a post but as I started to write this piece a number of days removed from the situation I realized only one person placed those burdens on my shoulders. Continue reading

Can’t Let The What If’s Run My Life

Can’t Let The What If’s Run My Life

Just a quick piece to keep myself in the writing habit.

The ideas have dried up and some of that is because I’ve let myself get out of the idea habit.

I’m thinking about so many other things that I don’t take the time to realize a thought or an idea would be something I could write about.

Today I thought I would touch on a note I had stuffed in my journal for a number of weeks. Continue reading

Life Coach – WTF?

Life Coach – WTF?

After joining one of the more prominent business type social networks, I came across a number of members who list their occupation as “Life Coach”.

At first when I came across this occupation I really did think it was a joke, some tongue in cheek thing.  But as I saw more and more members listing themselves as a “Life Coach” I figured it was legit.  It made me wonder what is a “Life Coach”?

I thought it had to be something more than what it sounds like so I looked it up.

Here is the definition that I found:  a person who consuls and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges.

Ok so now I’m going to write out my reaction, I’m not going to abbreviate it.  What the fuck!

Really, you now put someone on retainer to help you with your life and the decisions you make? Continue reading