Keep It Simple My Friend!

Keep It Simple My Friend!

I watched an interview of  Leland Sklar, it was part of the “Legend Series” by Don Famularo.

Any drummer or musician who is not familiar with Leland Sklar should immediately turn in their musician card.  Look him up and spend some time listening to his work, then you can have your card back.

Here is the interview.  Watch it when you have a half hour to spare.  It’s pretty cool. Continue reading

Come Share The Stink

Come Share The Stink

Come share the stink!

This was a favorite saying of a quality manager I use to work with.  The guy was a bit quirky but he was pretty easy going for a quality manager, maybe a little too easy going.  But at least he didn’t have a chip on his shoulder like most quality managers that I have dealt with over the years.

I don’t know what made me think of this the other day but for some reason the saying popped into my head.  Maybe it was because I was in the company men’s room at the time.

What I thought about when I remembered this statement was how a lot of people really like to drag you into their drama.  They can’t wait to try and stir up your emotions with problems they are experiencing and in most cases have created themselves.

The quality manager use to say “come share the stink” when he had a quality issue he was trying to resolve and he needed my help.

But when the drama queens in your life say “come share the stink” what they are asking is for you to be drug down the hole with them.  They want you to jump into their emotional cesspool.

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie!

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie!

Everyone has heard the phrase “Let sleeping dogs lie.”

I don’t know what it means to you but to me it means if there is no cause to start trouble, stir up a situation or excite someone then just let it go.  Let those dogs sleep.

Hopefully you have read my post about the world class bullshitter we have in our office.  I’m sure everyone has one in their work place.

But do you have one of the types I am going to write about? Continue reading