Pride and Bad Counsel

Pride and Bad Counsel

Pride and bad counsel, these are the two most common themes I have come across in any tragic story or tale about the downfall of a person with power.  So it seems to me that pride and bad counsel come along with power.

Powerful people, if not diligent to humble themselves, become very prideful.  Why not, they look at all they have done, the power they have attainted and see themselves as special, above it all.

And with the power and pride comes the bad counsel. Continue reading

Beatles Being Beatles

Beatles Being Beatles

I have written about the apostle Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians and how he understood the concept of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

One of the examples I cited in that post was the Beatles.  Their individual talents were good but when they were combined they achieved something greater than any one of them could have ever achieved as a solo artist.

Today I thought I would once more write about the Beatles.

The Beatles were a huge influence on my music and my life.  They set me and just about every musician from my generation on the path of a musical journey. Continue reading

Elvis and The Beatles Today?

Elvis and The Beatles Today?

This might be a throw away post but I’ve had some gaps in my writing and was running into a bit of a block.  I was going through my idea notes, looking at those that I put off because I had something I was more interested in writing about.

The note I picked was: “What would Elvis or the Beatles be like if they happened today?”

I wasn’t around for the rise of Elvis and was too young to remember his heyday.  My recollections of Elvis are the declining Elvis of the late sixties and into the seventies.

The stars aligned for Elvis.  He had tons of talent but he had the luck of bringing a whole genre of music to an audience that was being denied access to the product due to bigotry.  He and Sam Phillips pushed the envelope just enough for the times and it paid off big.

Elvis’s decline started when he was picked up by a major label and started making his mainstream motion pictures.  He was toned down to fit white America.

Elvis was evolving during strict moral times.  The envelope to be pushed was right in front of him.

So where is that envelope today? Continue reading

Sorry Elvis

Sorry Elvis

Here I am again, another night of flipping around the television before I head to bed and there is nothing on.

Finally I end up on Mark Cuban’s AXS TV and they were playing the Elvis concert film “Elvis On Tour”.

It was filmed in 1972 before his fat, bloated, and drugged up stage.

I decided to watch some of it.

I knew it would run too long for me to watch the whole show but I wanted to see what he was like as a musician/performer and I wanted to see and hear his band. Continue reading