Home Recording Lessons – 3D Thinking

Home Recording Lessons – 3D Thinking

In my previous post I covered some lessons I learned about recording with my friend who is an experienced recording engineer.

I learned about getting rid of bad sounds, especially before a sound wave moves the diaphragm in the microphone, and how important that is to the process.

But I had always thought about my mixes in a two dimensional form until my friend sat down with me and did two quick mixes with me watching and learning.

When I sit back and really listen to my favorite recordings on a good audio system or good headphones, I always listen to the placement of the instruments.   But it was from a two dimensional point of view.

The placement was front and back or left and right.

If you would use the X,Y,Z axis you would say I was only thinking about the X and the Z axis.

Well in my mixing sessions with my friend I discovered the importance of the Y axis as well. Continue reading

Home Recording Lessons – Tighten Up That Kit

Home Recording Lessons – Tighten Up That Kit

A few months ago I spent a couple of days visiting with my friend who is a very good and very experienced recording engineer.

I’ve been doing my own recording and engineering at my home and having a blast.  I’m learning a ton of stuff.

I’m learning about the technology that makes home recording possible and I’m learning a lot about recording drums versus live performance.

I’m learning about the subtleties of drums and drumming and how those subtleties are almost non- existent in live performance but stand out in the studio and can affect the entire recording.

I have been cutting tracks and sending them to my friend for writing and performance critiques, as well as engineering help, of which I am in desperate need.

Being able to sit with him in person, watching and assisting in mixing tracks was invaluable.

In two short sessions I learned some valuable lessons that would have taken me months to figure out on my own. Continue reading

There is B S In Every Job

There is B S In Every Job

There is a saying I have that I conveyed to people when the situation warrants and I have told this to my kids over the years.

“There is bullshit in every job.”

It doesn’t matter if it’s the dream job that you always wanted, the one you dreamed about as a child, a teenager, an adult.

Any job that is going to be rewarding and satisfying is going to have its share of bullshit.

I learned this when I got a chance at what I thought was my dream job at the age of twenty five.

I went to Pittsburgh to work with my good friend in his recording studio. Continue reading