What Is Christmas Spirit?

What Is Christmas Spirit?

(I wrote this post four years ago and thought I would share it again this Christmas Day.  Merry Christmas to all.)

This year is the first time I can ever remember not having much Christmas Spirit.

Honestly I’m not really sure what Christmas Spirit is so I thought I would write about it to see if it helps me figure it out.

I guess most people would say Christmas Spirit is the feeling of joy and the spirit of giving.

I know when I was a kid Christmas was the most anticipated time of the year.  The joy and the spirit of giving wasn’t the reason for the excitement, it was the joy of getting.

I was a kid and that’s what Christmas was all about.  It was the one time of the year (besides your birthday) that you got gifts, nice gifts.

But it wasn’t totally about me and what gifts I was going to receive.  I also loved the family getting together, the lights, the trees and the special once a year food.  (Steamed shrimp, yum / fried oysters and oyster pie, yuck)  Christmas Eve was the only time of the year my grandma got out her fine punch bowl and filled it with ginger ale and scoops of orange sherbet.

I grew up but hung on to the love that I had for Christmas. Continue reading

We Have Lost Our Tribes

We Have Lost Our Tribes

“We have lost our tribes.”

This is a note I wrote to myself after having a conversation with my wife.  We were discussing all the different sodas, or pops depending on where you live, in glass bottles that they sell in the little cafe where she works.  They carry various brands and flavors that you don’t find in any one particular large chain grocery store or franchised mini mart.

My wife asked me if I remembered the brands and flavors they use to have at the church picnics we would attend when we were kids. Continue reading