Listening, Better Customer Service For Life

Listening, Better Customer Service For Life

I had an experience that reinforced something I already knew.  It helped me see something that I need to improve.

This happened after I had completed the written sales agreement on my old house up north.

That house had been paid off for a number of years but I also had a home equity line of credit with an institution that will remain nameless.  The balance on that line of credit had been zero for a number of years but I decided to keep it open for any unforeseen emergencies and besides it cost me nothing to keep it open.  But now since my home was under contract I needed to close it and get the lien removed.

Six weeks prior to this experience, right after I had signed the sales agreement I started the process of trying to close the account.

I’m not going into the details of what transpired over those six weeks but let’s just say six weeks later and a number of phone calls it wasn’t closed out.

After six weeks the list of poor customer service actions grew to the point of I had enough. Continue reading