Habits, They Define Who You Are

Habits, They Define Who You Are

Habits, they define who you are.

The older I get the more I believe in that statement.

I think about it during my morning rituals. I have a very set way of doing things each morning, even to the point of how I lay out my toiletries.

My deodorant always goes on my left and my razor, toothbrush and dental floss are laid out in that order to my right with the mouthwash behind them.  They are laid out in the order in which they are used.

Twelve strokes with the deodorant as the water is filling the basin, then I reach for two Q-tips and clean my ears just as the water in the basin is at the proper level for shaving.  Then it’s shave, brush my teeth, floss and mouthwash.  And while I’m swishing the mouthwash around in my mouth I clean the mirror and the sink.  Finally I comb out my beard.

It’s quite the routine. Continue reading

I Miss My Acoustic Kit

I Miss My Acoustic Kit

One night I was practicing on my small acoustic drum kit.  My wife had to go out and I thought this would be a good time to work on the acoustic kit.

Normally I would use my electronic kit for practice and do my rudiments on the rubber pad that lies on top of my snare drum.

Even though my wife tells me that practicing on my acoustic kit doesn’t bother her I don’t like doing it when she is home.  I don’t like that she may be sitting upstairs watching TV or talking on the phone and I am downstairs banging away.

Sometime when I come upstairs after a practice session she still has the TV volume turned way up so I know it must bother her just a bit.  But she would never say anything to stifle me or stop me from playing. Continue reading

I’m Not Too Old For This Business

I’m Not Too Old For This Business

I have written on a number of occasions about my struggles in finding a working band.  Not a full time, make a living working band, just a decent local band that plays a couple a times a month or once or twice a week.

Lately I have not let this bother me as much as it has in the past.

My friend who I am looking to work with again has semi retired and moved to Florida.  He left his production company, downsized his life and is getting back into music.

I am looking forward to working with him again and we have started doing so.  I have setup my home recording studio, he has his and we send files back and forth.

This long distance writing, recording and collaborating has helped to offset the frustration I have with the local music scene.

This morning as I was getting dressed for my day job, once again the thought crossed my mind that maybe I’m just too old for this.  It’s not the first time I thought about it or have written about it. Continue reading

The Band I Left (Part VIII – The End)

The Band I Left (Part VIII – The End)

The final installment – enough’s enough.

Tomorrow night is the first gig.  Expectations are running low for the overall performance of this band.

The guys in the band are nice enough fellows but lack musical talent.

Last night we had what you would call the dress rehearsal.  I guess just getting through all the songs without any disastrous mistakes was a major victory.  But the amount of bad notes and bad timing was very disconcerting.  What really makes it bad is most of the songs these guys have been learning for over 6 months and now after almost three and a half months of rehearsals with me we have maybe two hours worth of material.

At last night’s rehearsal we didn’t get through one song without some very noticeable error.  They were mainly wrong notes and chords. Most of the songs were simple rock and roll songs from the sixties.

So here is my quandary. Continue reading

The Band I Left (Part VII)

The Band I Left (Part VII)

(It’s over – maybe)

Tonight may be my final rehearsal with this band.

I’m really not looking forward to rehearsing and that is a very good indicator that it’s time to move on.

I have reached the point where I would rather stay home and work on various aspects of my playing than drive to the other side of the county to rehearse with some players that are still struggling with learning new material.

It’s now been two months of weekly rehearsals and tonight will be the ninth time we rehearsed together as a band.

In that amount of time we have put together nineteen songs, eighteen of which are songs that the other two players have spent months learning and rehearsing.  So in eight rehearsals together we have managed to add one new song that we had to learn together.

Tonight we are supposed to add four more songs.  I am really curious to see if they are even close to knowing these songs.  Even if by some miracle they have them down and ready to go that’s only twenty three songs. Continue reading

At Least I Got Some More Experience

At Least I Got Some More Experience

I wrote this piece back when I was rehearsing with a band that never made it off the ground.  After three months of weekly rehearsals, only having two sets of material and no gigs I decided to do something else.

Currently I’m not actively seeking a band but will certainly listen to any offers that may present themselves.  If you read some of my previous posts you know that I’ve moved into home recording and I am looking to collaborate with some fellow musicians that I have worked with in the past.

Anyway here’s what I wrote. Continue reading