The Band I Left (Part III)

The Band I Left (Part III)

Another section about “The Band I Left”. This was written about three weeks into rehearsals.

A little bit more each day I am starting to have my reservations about the band.

My gut instinct about the bass player seems to be coming true.

Both of these guys are decent and polite fellows who are very easy to get along with, but the bass player is just a bit full of himself.  He tends to speak before he should.

He’s been talking about getting us booked for New Years Eve and making a couple a grand for the night. I don’t see that happening.  Not here and not with this band.

He also started talking about booking gigs at the shore and making a couple a hundred per night per man.  Again I don’t see it with this band.

I think he tends to speak of his wishes and dreams not reality.

Last week he was telling me and the keyboard player about this young guitar player and vocalist who would be joining the band. Continue reading