The Band I Left (Part VIII – The End)

The Band I Left (Part VIII – The End)

The final installment – enough’s enough.

Tomorrow night is the first gig.  Expectations are running low for the overall performance of this band.

The guys in the band are nice enough fellows but lack musical talent.

Last night we had what you would call the dress rehearsal.  I guess just getting through all the songs without any disastrous mistakes was a major victory.  But the amount of bad notes and bad timing was very disconcerting.  What really makes it bad is most of the songs these guys have been learning for over 6 months and now after almost three and a half months of rehearsals with me we have maybe two hours worth of material.

At last night’s rehearsal we didn’t get through one song without some very noticeable error.  They were mainly wrong notes and chords. Most of the songs were simple rock and roll songs from the sixties.

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