Creative Mornings,   When Is Your Creative Time ?

Creative Mornings, When Is Your Creative Time ?

I recently learned something about myself and it surprised me.

When I was younger and working in various bands my creative time was at night when the hour was late and the sky was dark.

The rest of the world was asleep (not many 24 hour businesses in those days) and you were left on your own to do and play as you pleased.  No one was there to rein you in or tell you that you can’t do that.

Recently over a weekend my wife went out of town to an art school reunion which left me with two nights to do what I want and not feel guilty that I might be neglecting her.

I have two nights to hole up in my office/studio away from the rest of the world.  I can stay up as late as I want since I don’t have to get for work the next morning.  What more could I ask for? Continue reading

Keep the Habit Of Practice Alive

I thought I would write some more about my practice habits.

Since I’m not working with a band it becomes difficult to stay motivated to practice.  There’s no deadline to push me, no specific songs that I need to have ready by a specific date.  I have to pace myself and try to figure out what I want to work on next.

With each practice session I feel my wrists become more fluid, my control gets better. My timing and feel are improving.

Without the set of songs and deadlines the majority of my practice time has shifted to rudiments.  After that I pick and choose various songs on my iPhone based upon my mood or I spend some time working with a click track. Continue reading

Rudiments, Practice Your Rudiments

Rudiments, Practice Your Rudiments

Today I want to continue on with habits and practice.

One item that I do religiously in my daily practice session is rudiments.

Rudiments are the drummer’s scales.  They teach stick control, coordination and are the basics for all of your playing.  Every rhythm you play, no matter if it’s on a single drum or some elaborate mega kit is built off of rudiments.  So it makes sense to practice them every day.

They are also a great warm up tool.

When I returned to playing drums I knew rudiments were the place to start.

I had to go online to get some charts because after not practicing them for over 25 years I couldn’t remember them all.  The last I remembered there were 26 standard rudiments and much to my surprise when I looked them up there are now 40 rudiments. Continue reading

Habits, Practice, Motivation

Today I wanted to write about practice and the habit of practice.

Through the years I have found the best way to alter my behavior is by creating the habit.

Man is a creature of habit and I certainly know that is true with me.  Just ask my wife.

Every morning through the week it’s the same routine almost to the point of obsession.  I admit sometimes it’s to the point of superstition.    If I don’t perform my morning tasks and functions in same way each day I fear something bad may happen that day.

I realize how irrational that is but is doesn’t affect me to where I cannot keep going if something isn’t right or out of order.  It just gets me a little irritated.

Although I think a lot of that came from when my job was very stressful and I was just looking for anything to grasp onto that would help me coup with all the unpleasantness of the day.   During the weekends or on holidays it all goes away. Continue reading

Keep Writing – Even If It’s Just A Little

One thing I am really looking forward to is having my lyrics finally set to music.  I want to be able to see if they can work with music and feel the same as when I read them.

I wonder how much editing will be involved?  Will it require a massive rewrite with lots of cutting and editing?   Do they flow rhythmically like they do when I read the words?  Do they tell the story and conger images in the listener’s mind?

I have never had the experienced of having my words set to music and hope to someday hear my words set to a moving piece of music.  I want to be able to say to myself I wrote that and it works.  I think I would find that as satisfying as contributing musically. Continue reading