Teaching Myself

Teaching Myself

Sometimes I ask myself, “Why do I write this blog?”

I know that I am hell bent on trying to see this thing through, whatever that means.  I’m trying to improve it, make it better, improve my writing and stay honest.  I’m not writing to sell something.

I figure if I keep working on it at some point I’ll have something that will be of value to someone and help others.

I also write for the same reason a lot of other people write, it’s very cathartic for me. Continue reading

Temper Stroking Myself

Temper Stroking Myself

Over the past few weeks I have been working on a couple of different songs.

Some were complete.  Some had all the tracks I thought I needed less any vocal tracks.  Some were just basic rhythm tracks that needed more instrument tracks plus I needed to come up with some lyrics and a melody.

So I got into the habit of listening to my own stuff while traveling back and forth to work or just traveling around town.  I was even listening to my own stuff when I was lying in bed falling asleep.

Usually those listening times are when I just put my iTunes in shuffle mode and listen to whatever comes up next.  But for almost two weeks all I was listening to was my work.  I was critiquing what I did, trying to determine if it needed more tracks and trying to come up with a melody. Continue reading

They Can’t All Be Gems

They Can’t All Be Gems

“They can’t all be gems.”

That is what I wrote on a post-it note to myself as an idea for a post.

The point I was trying to make was just keep writing every day.  They won’t all be witty or interesting or inspiring and they may not be about much of anything, just keep writing.

It’s about keeping the habit of writing, even if you don’t have any particular subject or anything you find interesting.

Just write, it’s about writing for writing’s sake. Continue reading

Filling The Punch Bowl

Filling The Punch Bowl

I wrote this piece in the spring of 2015.

The week before last I was out of town for four days.  I was busy for a number of days leading up to that trip.   I had several tasks that I had to get done prior to leaving town so I missed a lot of days of writing.  I miss the habit when I’m not doing it.

I was concerned because not only were my other commitments drawing me away from my daily writing habit but the ideas seemed to be drying up as well.

I was getting worried that after a year of writing every day during the work week, I may have run out of ideas.  I really didn’t think that was the case but the thought simmered in the back of my mind. Continue reading

Another Gray Depressing Northeast Winter

Another Gray Depressing Northeast Winter

I wasn’t sure what I was going to post today so I went back through some old ideas and pieces I had written.

This subject jumped out at me.  I wrote this note and piece last winter, close to the end of the winter season.

The note that I had written was “experiencing new activities to stimulate my creativity and then how to incorporate that into my playing and writing”.

So how did the weather at the time make me write that note?

Here is what I wrote after reading that note. Continue reading

I Have To Make It Happen

I Have To Make It Happen

This piece came to me when I was trying to do my daily journal entry and had a bit of a mental block.

Today I am struggling for an idea.  Could it be after doing this almost every week day since March (2014) and having filled well over 500 pages that I am running out of ideas?

I have ideas jotted down on sticky notes that I post inside my journal.  I just reviewed them and not one idea really excited me.

I am trying to maintain that line between being disciplined to write every day and writing becoming a chore that is no fun and something I start to avoid.

I need to get myself back in tune with writing down thoughts that would make interesting posts.  But these thoughts and subjects have to be honest not something contrived.

When I write poems or lyrics I have to make that happen.  Writing and creating just doesn’t drop out of the sky. Continue reading