They Can’t All Be Gems

They Can’t All Be Gems

“They can’t all be gems.”

That is what I wrote on a post-it note to myself as an idea for a post.

The point I was trying to make was just keep writing every day.  They won’t all be witty or interesting or inspiring and they may not be about much of anything, just keep writing.

It’s about keeping the habit of writing, even if you don’t have any particular subject or anything you find interesting.

Just write, it’s about writing for writing’s sake. Continue reading

Educating My Feet

Educating My Feet

It’s been a while since I sat down and wrote a “drum” post.

That might be because sometimes I let my drum practice routine become a bit stale.

Letting it become stale may be due to focusing more on my writing, both words and music.

When I sat down to write this post I was in the middle of reading Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art”.  I made a point of setting aside some time each day to devote to reading this book.

At one point in the book he writes about how professionals work on technique so that when inspiration comes along they are prepared to create.

It was very cool to read this since I have written about how I keep practicing even when I don’t have a particular band to work for or song to learn.  I keep practicing when I don’t have some immediate goal I am trying to achieve. Continue reading

Who Surrounds You?

Who Surrounds You?

One thing I am starting to learn or maybe I should say reinforce in my second go round with music is you have to surround yourself with people who inspire you.

When I was up to my eyeballs in the business world my inspiration or more accurately my drive was my family and the desire to make sure that I was taking care of them.  It was very material.

My family certainly gives me artistic inspiration but back then I was the one who was shutting off the artistic stuff because I didn’t want to get side tracked.

But now I look for inspiration. Continue reading

Idea Triggers

Idea Triggers

Lyrics come to me in different ways.  Sometimes I just start to say something that sounds “poetic” in my head.  Sometimes it’s just nonsense that sounds good so I’ll repeat it to myself over and over so I remember it and I write it down.  Then I have the start of what maybe a set of lyrics for a song.

From that initial line or lines I start to add others in the same manner and try to build a verse or a chorus.  As I add the lines the story or idea for the story starts to form.

I may get a verse complete and can’t come up with the hook.  So I just put it aside and think about it.  Most of the time the hook comes to me out of the blue and I’ll again pick up the song or poem.

Other times I start with the hook which may come out of a conversation, something I say or hear someone else say.  I may not be sure what the story line of the song will be but I make sure that I write the line or lines down on paper and put them in my folder where I keep all my other pieces of lyrics and poem ideas. Continue reading