Everyone Gets A Participation Lightsaber

Everyone Gets A Participation Lightsaber

(With the new Star Wars movie being released this past weekend I thought it would be a good time to rerun this piece which I wrote after seeing the previous installment to the franchise. )

I can’t believe I am actually going to write something about The Star Wars franchise, specifically Star Wars Episode 7, The Force Awakens.

This isn’t a critique of the movie.  I’m certainly not a movie critic.

I liked the movie, I liked it a lot.  I saw it at an IMAX theater in 3D, which was a bonus for this old man who was nineteen years old when the first movie debuted.

I was never one of those fans who camped out to be the first to see it on opening night.  I’m one of those who wait a month or so until all the hoopla dies down. Then I won’t have to fight the crowds and can pretty much have my pick of seats in the theatre.

I liked The Force Awakens but I had a couple of issues with it and that’s what I wanted to write about today.

First off, through most of the movie I kept thinking to myself is this episode 7 or am I watching an updated remake of episode 4 (A New Hope).

I was OK with that, a little disappointed but OK.

What really bothered me was this. Continue reading

Constant Little Battles

Constant Little Battles

This post is about a dream that I had.  It was a strange dream, but a dream that I am pretty sure I can interpret.

The dream shows how things that are stored away in your subconscious combined with your conscious can manifest itself in a dream.

I want to write about it before the details begin to fade.

I was in a small town.  I have no idea where this town was or what it was called. I can recall the details of the streets and the buildings but I can’t connect it with anywhere I have been in recent memory.

I remember a parking lot on a hill, a McDonalds and a red pickup truck with the rear driver’s side door handle missing. Continue reading