The Band I Left (Part III)

The Band I Left (Part III)

Another section about “The Band I Left”. This was written about three weeks into rehearsals.

A little bit more each day I am starting to have my reservations about the band.

My gut instinct about the bass player seems to be coming true.

Both of these guys are decent and polite fellows who are very easy to get along with, but the bass player is just a bit full of himself.  He tends to speak before he should.

He’s been talking about getting us booked for New Years Eve and making a couple a grand for the night. I don’t see that happening.  Not here and not with this band.

He also started talking about booking gigs at the shore and making a couple a hundred per night per man.  Again I don’t see it with this band.

I think he tends to speak of his wishes and dreams not reality.

Last week he was telling me and the keyboard player about this young guitar player and vocalist who would be joining the band. Continue reading

The Band I Left (Part II)

The Band I Left (Part II)

Part II of my brief journey with a band that never got off the ground.

I’m not sure how this band is going to work out.  Maybe I’m over thinking the whole situation.

The guys are good people.

The keyboard player is very genuine.  The bass player has a touch of being full of himself and I’m not quite sure how big of a bull shitter he may be.

We had rehearsal the other night and we recorded it.  The quality of the recording is good enough that I can use it to learn the songs and their arrangements.  Getting the feel of the songs is easy, it’s the arrangements that I need to hear a couple of times.

Listening to this recording a couple of things stood out.

The vocals are not exactly high quality but compared to most bands I worked with in this area they are not bad.

The keyboard player has a decent feel for the music but plays very, very, very simple parts, not much more than some chords. Continue reading

I ❤ Home Recording

I ❤ Home Recording

I have my home recording studio up and running and I love every minute I spend with it.  Even when I’m frustrated because something isn’t working, which is usually caused by my ignorance, I love figuring out the problem.

With the advances of technology I am able to actually try my hand at writing some songs.  They are more like sketches of songs and basics grooves.  After getting these basic ideas down, usually with a bass and keyboards, I’ll then lay down some drum tracks with either the electronic kit or the acoustic kit.

Over the past two weeks I was able to lay down two basic ideas for songs and I was astounded that they sounded pretty good.  I was very pleased with myself if I might say so.

Yea I know I wrote them so my judgment may be just a bit impaired by my ego.

But honestly I think they are pretty good. Continue reading