Top Ten Things I Hate About The Cubicle World – Part I

Top Ten Things I Hate About The Cubicle World – Part I

For 17 years I was a manager and always had my own office.  You need a private space when you manage people.  There are a lot of confidential papers and conversations.

As the company grew so did my office and its

When I resigned from my management position my office had become very comfortable.  It had become a second home.  I will never let that happen again.  Don’t ever let your office be a home, it’s not.

Now I am in the cubicle world.

I’ve noticed that I have developed a number of pet peeves that I didn’t have to deal with when I had my own office.

I was never one of those managers who hid behind the closed doors of my office.  They were always opened except when I was doing confidential business.

Although I’ll never go back to management again I sure wouldn’t mind having an office to avoid these things that I hate about the cubicle world.

Here are number 10 through 6.  I’ll cover number 5 through 1 in my next post. Continue reading

Melancholy Goodbye

Melancholy Goodbye

I wrote this piece on my last day at the office, the office I had gone to for twenty seven years.

Today is my last day of going to work at my current office.

I will still be working for the same company after I relocate to Florida, but I’ll be working from my home and with scaled back hours.

So really today is my last day of getting up and going through my morning rituals.  It’s the last day of fighting traffic just to get to the same building at the same time every working day.  I’ve been doing it at the same location for twenty seven years and at different locations for almost forty years, working a nine to five that is.

I woke up early this morning but I wasn’t rejoicing.  Truthfully I was a bit nervous. Continue reading

It’s My Vacation!

It’s My Vacation!

This is a follow up to my previous post about how my lunch hour is a sacred time.

You have those who ignore or are ignorant to the fact that you cherish that brief hour of each day that you have to yourself.  They look at your lunch hour as their social time.  Or in the case of management you’re at your desk and can work so get it done before they go on their lunch hour(s).

There was another time in my life that I should have made sacred that I allowed work and others to intrude upon.  It was my vacation time.

Yes I admit it, I allowed them to intrude. Continue reading