Habits, They Define Who You Are

Habits, They Define Who You Are

Habits, they define who you are.

The older I get the more I believe in that statement.

I think about it during my morning rituals. I have a very set way of doing things each morning, even to the point of how I lay out my toiletries.

My deodorant always goes on my left and my razor, toothbrush and dental floss are laid out in that order to my right with the mouthwash behind them.  They are laid out in the order in which they are used.

Twelve strokes with the deodorant as the water is filling the basin, then I reach for two Q-tips and clean my ears just as the water in the basin is at the proper level for shaving.  Then it’s shave, brush my teeth, floss and mouthwash.  And while I’m swishing the mouthwash around in my mouth I clean the mirror and the sink.  Finally I comb out my beard.

It’s quite the routine. Continue reading

How Can You Create……

How Can You Create……

How do you take care of all the stuff going on in your life and still have time to clear your head and create?

Some days I have trouble sitting down to write.

Normally I do my writing over my lunch hour at work.  It’s one of the few times I am left alone.

But some days all the cares and issues in my life spill over into that time. I tell myself “You can’t write, you have too much going on.  You’ll never clear you head.” Continue reading

It’s About The Groove (Don’t Be So Serious)

It’s About The Groove (Don’t Be So Serious)

In a post I worte the purpose of art is to fill the void where worry waits to live.  At least that’s how it is for me.

Listening, creating or just thinking about music or whatever art form pleases you can take away your cares and stop them from moving in.

I think about these statements when I play my drums, or write songs, or write poems or even when I am writing these posts.

I think about how I get lost in the moment, how I never want the feeling I get from doing these creative things to end. Continue reading

Some Things I Learned About Singing (By A Non Singer)

Some Things I Learned About Singing (By A Non Singer)

Some lessons I’ve learned about singing.

I am writing songs and I need some way to convey the melody.

Since I don’t have a lot of formal music training and my playing experience is focused on rhythms, I have a hard time sitting down at a keyboard and picking out the melody.

I’m like a dog that sees a squirrel.  I hit a few wrong notes and the melody that I heard in my head turns and goes after those wrong notes.

So if I want to write a complete song I have to sing. Continue reading

Why Do I Do This? Because I Have To!

Why Do I Do This? Because I Have To!

Sometimes I ask myself “Why do I do this?  Why do I write, record and practice?  Why do I continue to make a habit of doing all of this every day?  Why do I go at this as hard as I do with my chances of ‘success’ or recognition being very slim? Why do I ‘work’ everyday at this when the chances of eeking out a living are stacked against me?”

Because I have to, without it I have nothing else.

Yes, I have my loving wife and family and if need be I would push it all aside to take care of them.  I’ve demonstrated that over the last twenty six years.  And I was happy to do it.  I wasn’t living some doom and gloom, dread filled life.  I experienced many wonderful moments and don’t regret anything that I did.

But now it’s my time again. Continue reading

Maintaining My Habits

Maintaining My Habits

This may be a short post today but at least I am writing.  I am maintaining my habit.

As I was driving to work I thought about how many weeks it has been since I’ve written some poetry.

I have been keeping myself in the habit of writing these posts on a daily basis after I had stepped away from doing it for a few weeks. I have my daily drum practice habit and I have developed a song writing habit. Continue reading

I Practice, Practice, Practice

I Practice, Practice, Practice

It’s been a while since I wrote a piece about my endeavors in home recording.

I’ve been turning out a new song idea about every two weeks, sometimes a little more frequently.

I’d could turn out more songs but I am limited by the constraints of time and other responsibilities.

I work eight hours a day, five days a week.  I have a family and a house to take care of and I am practicing every day.

Over the past 10 months of exploring, learning and doing home recording I have established my days to work on song writing and recording.

Usually I write on Saturday nights between 10:00 PM and 1:00 AM.  That’s when I have a long enough stretch of uninterrupted time to work with all the ideas I have made notes about during the week.

If I am lucky I get the song’s basic tracks and arrangement laid down. Continue reading