Pride and Bad Counsel

Pride and Bad Counsel

Pride and bad counsel, these are the two most common themes I have come across in any tragic story or tale about the downfall of a person with power.  So it seems to me that pride and bad counsel come along with power.

Powerful people, if not diligent to humble themselves, become very prideful.  Why not, they look at all they have done, the power they have attainted and see themselves as special, above it all.

And with the power and pride comes the bad counsel. Continue reading

The Importance Of Humility

The Importance Of Humility

Deuteronomy 8:17:18

Beware lest you say in your heart, ‘My power and the might of my hand have gotten me this wealth.’ You shall remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth, that he may confirm his covenant that he swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

This is part of Moses’s speech to Israel as they are about to pass into the land of Jordan after wandering in the wilderness for forty years.

Moses and God are reminding the Israelites and us of the importance of humility. Continue reading

Prides Destruction

Prides Destruction

Daniel 5

I wrote a note to myself after I read this chapter and what I wrote was, “Daniel 5, the part about becoming proud”.

I looked at this note a couple of days later. I was looking for some post ideas.  When I looked at it I wasn’t sure why I wrote it down or what I meant so I placed the note in the back of my journal.

Over the next couple of weeks I kept bypassing this note.  I would look at it, not get what I meant by the note and move on to another one.

Finally as I started running short of new ideas I decided to go back and re read Daniel 5 and see if I could figure out what it was I wanted to say when I wrote the cryptic note. Continue reading

Lowering The High And Mighty

Lowering The High And Mighty

Luke 7:28-35

28 I tell you, among those born of women none is greater than John. Yet the one who is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.” 29 (When all the people heard this, and the tax collectors too, they declared God just, having been baptized with the baptism of John, 30 but the Pharisees and the lawyers rejected the purpose of God for themselves, not having been baptized by him.)

31 “To what then shall I compare the people of this generation, and what are they like? 32 They are like children sitting in the marketplace and calling to one another,

“‘We played the flute for you, and you did not dance;
    we sang a dirge, and you did not weep.’

33 For John the Baptist has come eating no bread and drinking no wine, and you say, ‘He has a demon.’ 34 The Son of Man has come eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Look at him! A glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ 35 Yet wisdom is justified by all her children.”

Just like my last post there isn’t any in depth discussion or insight that I have for these verses.  I just read it and liked it. Continue reading

This Job Doesn’t Define You.

This Job Doesn’t Define You.

I made an observation the other day at work.

Sometimes as you go through life and have experienced a number of years, you see someone making the exact same mistake that you made years ago.

When you see this happening you want to grab that person and say “Hey, stop it, I did the exact same thing and expected the exact same results you are expecting, but it’s not going to turn out like you planned.”

But I have learned to just save my breath.  You know they will just look at you like who are you and what do you know about anything.

Maybe it’s more like, that’s nice old man but this is the next generation and we’re smarter than you’ll ever be.  You just don’t understand and you just don’t see the “big” picture.

At which point you step aside and say walking right off the cliff young man.

So I just keep my mouth shut, observe and continue to learn.

What I saw the other day at work I had done on many occasions throughout my career. Continue reading