How To Make Music Boring

How To Make Music Boring

My grandson brought to our attention that he had done a report for school but didn’t get a very good grade on the report.   The teacher had pointed out where he scored poorly and the weak points of the report.  But the teacher was giving him the opportunity to rewrite the report and improve his grade.

Now this was very surprising to all of us since he has always done very well in school.  From kindergarten up to this year he has never had a bad test score or report card.

What was even more surprising to me was this report was on the snare drum. Continue reading

Home Recording: I’m Not a Recording Engineer

Home Recording: I’m Not a Recording Engineer

I am a drummer, a musician and consider myself an artist but one thing I am not is a recording engineer.

It’s one thing to use all the great sampled sounds that come with a lot of the DAW software but my first attempt at recording acoustic drums showed me very quickly I’ve got a lot to learn.

Getting everything setup, plugged in and working wasn’t a problem.  It all seemed pretty intuitive to me plus there is a manual for everything.

I took online courses ( on drum micing plus watched videos on the subject, so I felt pretty good about my mic placements.

I got what I thought at the time were pretty good levels on everything so off I went into recording land.

I laid down some tracks that I was pleased with and still am pleased with the results of my playing.

Next comes listening to the playback through the studio monitors. Continue reading