Lost My Enterprise, Have My Juliet

Lost My Enterprise, Have My Juliet

This goes out to my wife, who I adore, on our thirty eighth wedding anniversary.

I have been in my new home for a few months.  I have been settling in and enjoying my new residence and location. Yesterday I came to a somewhat sad realization but at the same time it affirmed to me what really makes me happy and what is most important in my life.

If you’ve read my previous post (Star Trek In A Band) you know that I have an affection for the original Star Trek TV show.  And you would know that what I liked most about the show was the comradery of the crew, the all for one and one for all attitude, the common goal of the core characters, the brothers and sisters in arms.

When I was young, and still to this day, the brothers in arms attitude in a band was one of the things that attracted me to music.  I thought I had found it in one band when I was much younger, and have been looking for it ever since. Continue reading

Thanks Walt Disney

Thanks Walt Disney

Last summer I spent two evenings watching “American Experience” on PBS.  The episode was a two part show about Walt Disney.

The first night it aired I got sucked in from the beginning.

Walt Disney was a part of my life as a child.  I remember Sunday nights making sure I was in front of the TV to watch “The Wonderful World of Disney”.The_Wonderful_World_of_Disney_1969

Every week I would hope the show would be an animated piece like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck or any of the Disney cartoon characters that I loved.  I loved the colors, the voices, the gags.  Through the early years when all we had was a black and white TV I still loved the Disney cartoons. Continue reading

Twenty Six Years and Still Looking For My Crew

Twenty Six Years and Still Looking For My Crew

I wrote a piece about how I was and have been searching for a band.

What makes a band special for me is the comradery of a band, like the crew of the USS Enterprise.

I think I have experienced that type of comradery with one band in my life and also came close to experiencing that type of a working relationship when I worked in the studio in Pittsburgh.

But today I was thinking about the reality blow to the gut that I took when I left the studio and went to work in a regular non artistic business.

The studio had five or six people who worked there on a daily basis.  I was one of them and most of the others were people I had played with in the band I referenced above.

I left the studio and went to work for a distributor/manufacturer. You can’t get too much more removed from the arts then going to work for an industrial distributor.

The new company had around twenty employees when I started.

I remember one day after I had just started my new job I went into the purchasing manager’s office along with my boss. Continue reading