Don’t Wait For Moses, Deliver Yourself

Don’t Wait For Moses, Deliver Yourself

Reading the Bible has been teaching me life lessons.

That is its purpose.  No matter what you do or don’t believe there is much knowledge and wisdom to be gained from this book.

I was thinking about the Israelites and how Moses brought them out of the bondage of Egypt.

Just about everyone over the age of 50 has seen Cecil B DeMille’s classic movie “The Ten Commandments”.  I believe it’s still on TV around Easter and Passover. Continue reading

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

This is just a quick thought I had today.  It’s not directly about music or drums but it is about business and perhaps about you personally.

I am a firm believer in the customers sets the value of your product but I’ve come to learn that you don’t let the customer dictate how you run your business.

Obviously you want to fulfill the customer’s expectations but I believe how you do that is your business.

Certainly you always want to be opened for suggestions and always looking for ways to improve by sharing in the experiences of others. But you have to run your business the way that you feel is best for your business.  You have to be confident in your decisions. Continue reading

Everybody Win or Walk Away

Today I have some thoughts on business that I’d like to share.  It’s about getting the best return or outcome from a situation.

One thing I have learned through the years and have experienced firsthand is the person who is willing to walk away from a negotiation or situation is the one who has the upper hand.  This is a pretty simple concept and goes with Stephen Covey’s principal of win/win or no deal.

I have seen situations with companies where although they preach this principal they don’t follow it in practice.

A company has a very large customer that at one time represented over 75 percent of their total annual sales.  Over the past 5 or 6 years the business has eroded, not due to a lack of or drop in quality and service from the company but the customer’s overall business has been declining.  The large customer has dropped to less than 25 percent of the company’s annual sales. Continue reading